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Male Modeling

Male Modeling

With a master color scheme and style in mind, nothing seemed to do it better than a traditional white button up and a blue blazer. Though these are key assets to any suit, what really makes the outfit


“The Fall Detroiter” Photography: Bree Gant Style Direction: Stephanie-Blair Detroit Baemometer I will be focusing more on mens fashion for a while now.

Menswear Label FemToys’ Presents Their 2015 Lookbook – “Geometry By Toys”

It looks like there is a new trend in Nigerian fashion with the growing inclusion of collections for Harmattan and Rainy seasons.

Married woman of Hamer tribe - collar made ​​of leather with metal inserts, omo valley, Ethiopia

Married women of Hamer tribe, have a collar around his neck made ​​of leather with metal inserts, lower omo valley, ethiopia, Africa

Africa | Portrait of a Hamer woman. Lower Omo valley, Ethiopia | © Ronny Reportage

Portrait Hamer tribe woman wearing heavy necklaces of iron and narrow incised with geometric designs, leathers embellished with seashells and colored beads, bracelets made ​​of iron and copper, lower Omo valley, Ethiopia by Anthony Pappone.