Title: The Great Wave Off Fukushima From: Kadir Asani Inspired by “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” from the Japanese Artist Hokusai.

The Great Wave of Fukushima Japan Poster - The Great Wave of Fukushima Inspired by the original poster from Hokusai 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa'.

Bamboo forest 竹 林 深 处0153 Watercolor by sia.yekchung 谢一for Mitchell

This watercolor is by a Malaysian artist (well, that's what I could find), but I thought it belonged in this category. Bamboo forest 竹 林 深 Watercolor by sia.

The Picture of Susano-o no Mikoto (Susano-o no Mikoto zu, 素戔嗚尊図) / Kawanabe Kyōsai (Japanese Artist, 1831–1889)

Kawanabe Kyōsai (河鍋 暁斎, May Susano-o no Mikoto subduing Yamata no Orochi, eight-headed serpent in form of dragon, coming up out of raging sea on storm-swept rocky coast.

Enoki Toshiyuki, cat

Toshiyuki Enoki

Enoki Toshiyuki, cat

Kyosai KAWANABE (1831~1889), Japan

'Demon hiding in the carp streamer' by Japanese painter Kyosai Kawanabe via Tapestry from an Asteroid


Dreamy New Ink Paintings of Ghostly Felines and Chickens by Endre Penovac

Endre Penovác is an artist which have been Creative Ink Paintings of Chickens. It performs pretty ink painting, animals and plants.

Burke Collection | Turtle

Mary Griggs Burke assembled an unparalleled collection of Asian art — more than one thousand Japanese, Chinese and Korean masterworks spanning five millennia — between 1963 and

ITO Jakuchu (1716~1800), Japan 伊藤若冲 群鶴図

japaneseaesthetics: “ Painting of standing cranes, century, Japan, by artist Ito Jakuchu. Wiki: Itō Jakuchū was a Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period when Japan had closed its doors to the outside world. Many of his paintings concern.

Japanese print

Two green peacocks on the bough of a flowering tree, 1910 by Ohara Koson. bird-and-flower painting