porchetta shipping container kiosk CT Notes: Maybe we do this instead of a "bricks and mortar" cheese shop, when we are ready for that step!

porchetta shipping container kiosk by noiseux + sasseville

porchetta shipping container kiosk CT Dream food truck when I no longer want\need my Office job. I dream of selling my mom's food!

A food kiosk can be inserted into these pedestrian plazas as well

Food Rings Ideas & Inspirations 2017 - DISCOVER A food kiosk can be inserted into these pedestrian plazas as well Discovred by : Elodie Nougaret

Bates Smart's Refined Luxury Transforms Crown Towers Perth - Bookmarc Online

Crown Towers Perth developed by Bates Smart . Find all you need to know about Crown Towers Perth products and more from Bookmarc.

Shozo Coffee Auf desklayoutideas.blogspot.com http://www.pinterest.com/jboath/stores-shops-cafe/

It would even be cool to just have a store front like this. But I'd at least want some seating available outside.

All cute shops seem to have a bicycle parked right outside. Café lotta / yuko honda

café lotta / yuko honda I would love to own a little cafe like this one day.how sweet.



we could use this too to rockville example like outdoor indoor entrance as we discussed

Cute coffee shop for studying

Duva's Café is just a short walk away from her apartment. They make the best coffee and a pretty decent breakfast.

Hotel Central & Café in Copenhagen - The world smallest hotel (just 1 room…

World’s Smallest Hotel Set to Open in Copenhagen

Hotel Central & Café in Copenhagen, Denmark. The world's smallest hotel. It has 1 room, a toilet and 5 places for customers at the Café!