Valentino pre fall 2015

the-empress-of-tea: “ chandelyer: “ fashion encyclopedia: Valentino pre fall 2015 ” Fck yes ” These blow me away.

T5-茨舞 [カードキャプターさくら] 木之本桜

T5-茨舞 [カードキャプターさくら] 木之本桜

Orange Beauty もっと見る

Here are the most beautiful betta fish in the world. And betta fish known as the Siamese fighting fish and 'The Jewel of the Orient', they are rather.

[결혼준비] 봄날 ! 티아라보다 더 빛나는 화관의 매력 < 웨딩뉴스 < 월간웨딩21 웨프

[결혼준비] 봄날 ! 티아라보다 더 빛나는 화관의 매력 < 웨딩뉴스 < 월간웨딩21 웨프

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door- one day, when I develop the patience of a saint, I'd like to stencil or paint this on a wall (and keep the gorgeous shades of blue around it).

Wrought iron door in blue and turquoise light. Looks like stained glass - I LOVE this!

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Alexander McQueen evening or wedding dress - gold detailed bodice and lots and lots of ruffles mmmmmm

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012 Collection

Celebrities who wear, use, or own Alexander McQueen Resort 2012 Embroidered Strapless Gown. Also discover the movies, TV shows, and events associated with Alexander McQueen Resort 2012 Embroidered Strapless Gown.

フェスなどに : 本物の花で作る「押し花タトゥー」で夏の露出が可愛くなる♡ - NAVER まとめ

Mackenzie Weinmann, Amalie Hartman, Elinor Jade, Max Motta and Arthur Sales by Txema Yeste for Pull & Bear Spring 2011 Campaign I didn’t even realize that this was an ad campaign until I …

Mason jar zen

Hang up a candle chandelier in the lounge area of your backyard space or use it as a focal point for an outdoor event.