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week packaging design, pretty simple but classic brown paper packaging design Branding by Tad Carpenter


Cemetery Terrarium by Twig Terrariums here (there gallery of miniatures landscapes is amazing). Found at SG Girl by the Bay here. *See my since added post on miniature tombstones here. I find this beautiful

[Legend] Hearthstone - full 2D resources, micro-elements, the game-owned ...

[Legend] Hearthstone - full resources, micro-elements, the game-owned .

I love it when designers take something that should seem so obvious and make it sing in a way that makes all of us say, "Why didn't I think of that?"...brilliantly simple and powerful...

40 Memorable Minimalist Print Ads for Your Inspiration

The designer uses piano keys to make the silhouette of the World Trade Center buildings. This poster is used to advertise a piano concert for the World Trade Center.

Japanese Doburoku Sake, Rice Wine|仙醸どぶろく

Japanese Doburoku sake, rice wine without the last filtrering stages. Also called Nigori-zake - "dirty sake".

Embroidered orange poppies (ribbon and thread) | #embrodery #poppies

Orange Poppy Field Hand Embroidered Wall Decoration 3 inch hoop A field of bright orange poppies made with ribbons and hand embroidery.


Student: [ Botani ] COAL

[ Botani ] COAL is a school project by designer Sanuk Kim from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her project was to focus on the ingredients and come up with fresh branding and design.

とっとりの手仕事のロゴマーク。 鳥取県の郷土の手仕事を広く紹介する活動をされています。 この��


とっとりの手仕事のロゴマーク。 鳥取県の郷土の手仕事を広く紹介する活動をされています。 この��