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Idea 1960, Ikko Tanaka

IDEA, International Advertising Art magazine - n. 44 Dicembre 1960 Cover by Ikko Tanaka.

Movie Poster of the Day | The ten most popular posters of 2013 on...

The Best of “Movie Poster of the Day,” Japanese Poster for Zero Dark Thirty

マンホールカバー、 Manhōrukabā, "manhole cover," in Japanese Japanese manhole cover

A collection of photographs of Japanese Manhole covers as I collect them.

Japanese manhole covers by MRSY-1-Tapa de alcantarilla japonesa bella 1

The beautiful Japanese manhole covers

In of Japan’s municipalities you will find artistic manhole covers unique to each city and town. It has become a part of the country’s national culture and it’s fascinating to see the differ