doors wall

A wall covered with old doors from the brilliant Dutch furniture designer and craftsman Piet Hein Eek All photos by Thomas Mayer, found here WWT’s prv. posts on Piet Hein Eek’s furnitur…

cement tiles / purpura カラフルなセメント・タイル

Mix and match colourful floor tiles - Brilliant idea. Also simple to replace should one interior design house design designs designs

That floor is amazing!!

Lava stone in a chevron pattern . comes in fifteen colors, how very pretty! Lava stone in a chevron pattern . comes in fifteen colors, how very pretty!

rest room トイレといえば何となく白が多く使われているような気がしませんか。床をカラフルなタイルにすると、イメージが変わってお部屋のような空間に。

NOTE:::love the tile idea for anywhereWarm modern bathroom. Love the tile, love the mirror wall. Not sure I ever loved a mirror wall before, but this makes so much sense, especially if you have a really small bathroom.

Split House

Split House

Split House is a minimalist residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Naruse Inokuma Architects.

fun, but i'd be sick of it tomorrow

multi color tile in herringbone pattern bathroom \\ shower + floor walls covered in rainbow of tiles by mariam

AD-Indoor-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-07.jpg 600×600 ピクセル

mosaic tile bathroom design unique and amazing mosaic bathroom design home design garden

AD-Indoor-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-20.jpg 600×900 ピクセル

Wooden stairs are luxurious and elegant. Check out these 21 wooden stairs designs that are absolutely mesmerizing and inspiring!

AD-Indoor-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-14.jpg 600×897 ピクセル

not a bad idea - Damaged Wood Floors Covered. Designer Nora Fleming didn't have the budget to refinish her wood floors, so instead she strategically painted wide stripes to cover up any damaged areas.

AD-Indoor-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-21.jpg 600×901 ピクセル

This amazing mosaic floor completely changed the aspect of the entire house. You can think of an original design and create a mosaic floor out of anything.