laundromat cafe

The Laundromat Cafe - Reykjavík, Iceland Books and Maps together--I could have found heaven!


Signage, stationary and more by Apartment One for Moomah , a coffee shop and art spot for kids. The Moomah webstore includes v.

light without light? warmth in cold.

Starbucks Concept Store Is A Lab For Reinventing The Brand


Large desk means more work space and the little yellow chair to encourage my little ones to join me. Large desk for more space so my little can join me. The little yellow chair is encouragement.

Benedetta Tagliabue

Strong lines on the floor and the walls reinforce the notion of old and new. Enric Miralles home Photo by: Gunnar Knechtel

Pre(tty) Fab Garden Shed Kekkila

It is a unique prefabricated garden shed that combines a green house with storage space and comes in ready made elements that can be assembled by simply using a screwdriver. The Garden Shed is made from Finnish pine and safety glass and equipped.

naf. dual channel house.

Dual Channel House by Japanese studio Naf Architect & Design

Avanto Architect

Four-cornered Villa / Avanto Architects

Four-cornered Villa / Avanto Architects - photo © Kuvio - Anders Portman and Martin Sommerschield

Poppytalk - The beautiful, the decayed and the handmade: Dispatches from Tokyo: Gentleman's Rust