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PLANE- Made by a group of illustration students (could not fine anymore info on artists)- Cardboard Mask/Body Suit- Sep 25

Garments influenced by distorted digital drawings featuring 3D-printed elements.

Noa Raviv uses grid patterns and 3D printing in fashion collection

Sculptural Fashion // Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has integrated elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings.

This is so goofy, don't you just know it's going to be a bridesmaid's dress in some movie this year!

INCREDIBLE whimsical clothing by Yegor Zaitsev russian avant garde designer

Second skin by Benja Harney #paper #mask

FUTURE // PAST mask by Benja Harney - one of eight paper creatives from around the world invited to submit an initial design for the Second SKIN mask contest.

3D printed exo-prosthetic leg becomes a customizable body part

Brooklyn, New York industrial designer William Root is using scanning, modeling, and printing to create customized prosthetic limbs. Currently, he is working on the prototype for what he calls the “Exo-Prosthetic Leg.

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture | F/W 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier at Couture Fall 2013

Arrrgh! Monstres de Mode (Monsters of Fashion) at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris through April 7, 2013

Monstres de Mode (Monsters of Fashion) at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris through April So odd it's great. Sort of reminds of an adult-ified version of a children's book character.

Viktor and Rolf

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Sweet & Masks

Tribal masks made from sweets! By Damien Poulain. Childish - therefore amazing.

Electronic Fingertip

New wearable electronics could become smart surgical gloves that allow surgeons to feel and do everything using their fingertips. Such electronics could even include electronic "socks" wrapped snugly

Maiko Takeda grew up in a post boom Tokyo where she quickly was faced with the challenge of wanting to create products of individual and timeless quality in a country slowly coming to a grinding halt. This meant that she more and more looked to areas outside of fashion and pop culture for impulses, exploring the city by foot, finding inspiration in the smallest and most random of things.

London-based fashion designer’s Maiko Takeda’s latest collection, “Atmospheric Reentry” is more like a series of wearable sculptures. Slivers of ultra-thin plastic extend from the garments