BikeLid Secure Bicycle Parking

The revolutionary bike storage pods by BikeLid rank head and shoulders above your typical outdoor bike rack or storage solution
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two white vans parked next to each other in a parking lot
Houston loves bikes! Good hanging out..
a snowboard sitting on top of a pile of snow next to a parking meter
in Rogers Park I've only seen these once before in Tacoma. Wish there were more here.
there is a blue cover on the back of a bicycle racked to a bench
City of Fresno installs BikeLids at bus stops
two hands making a heart shape with the word up written on it in front of them
Next stop: Pinterest!
three surfboards are lined up next to each other on the side of the street
BikeLid Installations
Sacramento, CA
a row of yellow surfboards sitting in front of a tall building with parking spaces
BikeLid Installations
a man standing next to a bike in a parking lot with a large rock on it's back
BikeLid Installations
So easy to use
a man pushing a bike with a cover on it
BikeLid Markets
two people riding bikes next to surfboards on the side of a road in front of a covered parking lot
Secure public bike parking
several cars parked in a parking lot next to trees and bushes with pink flowers on them
BikeLids in Baltimore
there are many surfboards lined up in the woods
BikeLids at the Olympics
the logo for bikelidd