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Pompeii and Herculaneum. Roman Frescos Excavated From Pompeii & Herculaneum -- Museo Archeologico Nazionale -- Naples. ItalyRoman Frescos Excavated From Pompeii & Herculaneum -- Museo Archeologico Nazionale -- Naples. Ancient Pompeii, Pompeii And Herculaneum, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Rome Antique, Art Antique, Roman History, Art History, Art Romain

Ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum..

Roman paintings in ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum.. Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples. Italy Here you find a link to the website of the museum: museoarcheologiconazionale.campaniabeniculturali.it/ See also my list of best and worst museums in the world: www.flickr.com/photos/menesje/4059308291/ And here you find my list of best and worst museums in Holland: www.flickr.com/photos/menesje/4059604700/

Altamira cave paintings in northern Spain. Altamira has some of the finest examples of Paleolithic cave art in the world and is part of a massive, once-inhabited cave structure. by Ernesto Lazo Ancient History, Art History, Art Pariétal, Paleolithic Art, Lascaux, Cave Drawings, Art Ancien, Art Antique, Art Premier

Altamira Cave Paintings

Altamira Cave is 270 metres long and consists of a series of twisting passages and chambers. The main passage varies from two to six metres in height. Archaeological excavations in the cave floor found rich deposits of artefacts from the Upper Solutrean (ca 18 500 years ago) and Lower Magdalenean (between ca 16 500 and 14 000 years ago). Both periods belong to the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age. In the millennia between these two occupations, the cave was evidently inhabited only by wild…

Prehistory Wall Art - Photograph - Stone-age Cave Paintings, Chauvet, France by Javier Truebamsf Stone Age Cave Paintings, Lascaux Cave Paintings, Chauvet Cave, Cave Paintings France, Horse Paintings, Ancient History, Art History, Ancient Egypt, Potnia Theron

Stone-age cave paintings, Chauvet, France - Stock Image - C009/7646

Stone age cave painting of horses from Chauvet, France. The paintings there are the oldest known, carbon-dated to approximately 33,000 years ago, almost twice the age of the Lascaux cave paintings.­­­ The dates have been a matter of dispute but a study published in 2012 supports placing the art in the Aurignacian period, approximately 30,000-32,000 BP.

These cave paintings amaze me: Horse heads, Chauvet Cave. Fourteen different animal species are depicted in the Chauvet Cave. Here, three beautiful horses' heads face one another. Someday I want to see cave paintings in person. Chauvet Cave, Lascaux, Ancient History, Art History, History Museum, Paleolithic Art, Cave Drawings, Horse Drawings, Art Ancien

Chauvet Cave

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préhistoire Cave paintings are absolutely fascinating. Humans h Archaeology absolutely Archaeology painting Cave fascinating Gorgeous humans Paintings préhistoire Ancient History, Art History, Paleolithic Art, Kunst Der Aborigines, Art Rupestre, Lascaux, Cave Drawings, Art Ancien, Wildlife Paintings

Primitive And Descriptive Cave Paintings - Bored Art

Cave paintings are absolutely fascinating. This one is just gorgeous. Humans have always had a streak of artistic talent.

Modern painters have been influenced by the Altamira cave paintings. After a visit, Pablo Picasso exclaimed "after Altamira, all is decadence". - Dopo Altamira, tutto è decadenza, esclamò Pablo…More Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Art History, European History, American History, Art Pariétal, Objets Antiques, Cave Drawings, Arte Tribal

Mental Alchemy

naekroticka: “ shibboletta: “ 35,000 year old cave painting of a spirit. ” ”

Aboriginal cave art dated at 3500 years old in Carnarvon Creek Gorge in central western Queensland Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Art, Fresco, Art Pariétal, Kunst Der Aborigines, Art Rupestre, Cave Drawings, Tempera, Art Premier

Aboriginal Cave Art Photo

This photo from the TrekLens travel gallery is titled 'Aboriginal Cave Art Photo'.

 Rock art showing a man with bow and a dog, from the pastoral period of Saharan art. Ancient History, Art History, Paleolithic Art, Art Rupestre, Cave Drawings, Art Antique, Ancient Artifacts, Native Art, African Art

Prehistoric African Paintings and Engravings

The Trust for African Rock Art documents & safeguards Africa’s ancient rock art paintings & engravings, humankind’s earliest artistic and cultural expressions, from Niger, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo, Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Somaliland, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Lascaux Caves is the setting of a complex of caves in southwestern France famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. These paintings are estimated to be years old. Ancient History, Art History, Art Pariétal, Paleolithic Art, Lascaux, Cave Drawings, Arte Tribal, Art Ancien, Art Premier



The "Main Négative" (Negative Hand) in the caves of Pech-Merle in Cabrerets. Together with the Cosquer Cave near Marseille, years old, Southwestern France. Perch-Merle is the second oldest prehistoric site with artwork known to humanity. Ancient Art, Ancient History, Art History, Art Pariétal, Lascaux, Art Premier, Ancient Civilizations, Modern Man, Oeuvre D'art

Who Were Humanity’s First Artists?

Mostly women: [Penn State archaeologist Dean Snow’s new study] began more than a decade ago when he came across the work of JohnManning, a British biologist who had found that men and women d…