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Swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, who has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters


hueandsaturation: “ The Daily Beast cover illustration. Alfred Hitchcock: The Psycho Genius of Hollywood. “To say he’s making a comeback would be misleading, because he never went away. Alfred Hitchcock’s place in the pantheon of great directors has.

Mix Collage // Cristiana Couceiro

"Everyone is influenced by everybody but you bring it down home the way you feel it." - But Does It Float by cristiana couceiro

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT - 企画展「デザインの解剖展: 身近なものから世界を見る方法」 - 開催概要

DESIGN SIGHT - Exhibition "Design Anatomy: A method for seeing the world through familiar objects" - About

Corporate Alliances Matter Less Thanks to APIs.

Corporate Alliances Matter Less Thanks to APIs.