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Specialty benders. I adore this artwork.

Ctreuse109 - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Specialty benders. I adore this artwork.

Hahaha, love Katara.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Art: Katara

thought u guys would like this

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thewaterbendingmaster: “ The Gaang + Unique Characteristics ”

Looking really highschooly here... Although I don't think Katara and Toph would be friends in high school I do like this picture... It's kinda sisterly...

SRU - Hey, Jude :Commission:

DETAILS: Finished: 30.05.12 And when you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain; Don't carry the world upon your shoulders For well you know that it's a fool... SRU - Hey, Jude :Commission:

Katara mastered plantbending, healing, and bloodbending. Toph mastered seismic sense, metalbending, and sandbending. Source Avatar Fact #124
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You must be a Weasley

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Minuiko: "Katara is captured in a fire nation raid and raised under Iroh (and becomes childhood friends with Zuko)." For Zutara week.... Click and there will be a link to the fanfic.... this is truly beautiful

ambitions like ribbons

Fanart for Tempest in a Teacup, a Zutara AU in which Katara is captured in a fire nation raid and raised under Iroh (and becomes childhood friends with Zuko). For Zutara week :)

"Korra, Katara and the Krew were fighting together. Katara got hurt and screamed. Korra entered Avatar State and started to destroy everything and even Mako couldn’t bring her back. Katara then said to Korra: “I’m ok Aang. Stop it. Let her go.” And then Korra slowly came back."
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Where Avatar fans can let it out.

No, I do not ship Zuko and Katara, but this picture of them as a Sun Warrior and a Swamp Bender is ADORABLE.

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Zuko, Mai their daughter

god, mom, whyy my eyyyes my poor eyyes by viria13 on DeviantArt

we all know where she got this from, don't we? Zuko has always seemed to be a gentle flower I like this one, so... submit even though it's not coloured. god, mom, whyy my eyyyes my poor eyyes


My Eternal Fangurl Love x3 by Dschinga on DeviantArt

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Zutara Taken by on @deviantART
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Zutara Taken by Kuro-Akumako on DeviantArt

Zutara Taken Panel 3: "ngh!" Panel 4: "Aaargh!" Panel 6: "I HATE YOU!" Panel 7: "i hate you!" Panel 8: "for leaving me! Panel 9: "I know" Panel 10: "but... Zutara Taken

Avatar: The Last Airbender - "A Long Time Ago". This is kinda sad, and I don't know who it's supposed to be, but the flame person looks like it is Katara, but it's a really pretty picture.

Avatar - A Long Time Ago by Neptune47 on DeviantArt

Series: Avatar Characters: Zuko, Fire!Katara Media: CS2, Intuous 3 Notes: Fire Lord Zuko still pines for the water tribe girl who changed his life years... Avatar - A Long Time Ago

As the artist says: "You guys don't even need to ship this, okay? It is just is, and you need to just love it because everyone wants this. Everyone wants a Zuko/Katara hug in Korra." and as one of the commenters says: "We NEED a Zuko and Katara hug in Korra- they are the only memebrs of Team Avatar that are still alive!" I really believe that that has to count for something.
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Aang and Katara.
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The Sun's in My Heart

oh-the-linsanity: “ sailorm3rcury: “ Well he definitely could gave gone into the jewelry business lol ” wait stop this is the cutest thing. ”