Lamborghini Superbike Caramelo

Romanian designer Laurentiu Trifescuis designs a superbike if Lamborghini were to release one. It is a engine based 1000 cc bike by Lambo! Too bad it's not real. Would love to see it come alive! Raging Bull on 2 Wheels!


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インディアンバイク「スカウト」の画像 ツヤ感が最高な漆黒

indian scout (This isn't a car but I don't have another board to pin this to!) Ditto that and pretty! In addition!

Star War Speeder Bike inspired motorcycle

ホンダのバイクが大変だ! スター・ウォーズなデザインのチョッパー

Honda Chopper motorcycle Awesome futuristic motorcycle concept by artist Pete Norris original & futuristic, good modelling & renderings skills,