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haco. [ハコ]|リス クロース クケリ湯たんぽカバーの会|フェリシモ KUKERI

haco. [ハコ]|リス クロース クケリ湯たんぽカバーの会|フェリシモ KUKERI

山形県上山市の加勢鳥(かせどり)。(PHOTOGRAPH BY CHARLES ...

YOKAINOSHIMA In just after finishing his European tour of winter masquerades (Wilder Mann), Charles Fréger began a photography project exploring Japan’s


These are Shaman cultures not pagan, paganism is about human, not goddess shaman cultures. know herstory before you assume history - 'Wildermann' series by Charles Freger

perchten - Google Search

The central and eastern Alps of Europe are rich in folklore traditions dating back to . Originally, the word Perchten (plural of Perchta) referred to the female masks representing the entourage of an ancient goddess, Frau Perchta, or Pehta Baba

Charles Freger - Wilder Mann

Charles Fréger visited 18 European countries in search of the mythological figure of the wild man. His photobook, Wilder Mann: the Image of the Savage, explores human fascination with myth, ritual and tradition.