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a dining room table and some stairs in a house
an entrance to a building with two doors and a street light on the outside wall
John-Roe Luna
Philippe Vander Maren and Richard Venlet, Studio for Michel François, 2014
a brick building with a metal gutter attached to it
Casa Morjan-Poeten Hüttingen an der Kyll - laterizio.it
Casa Morjan-Poeten Hüttingen an der Kyll - laterizio.it
the corner of a white building with a copper pipe
the house is made out of brick and has two round shaped windows on each side
Winners of the 2018 World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam | Floornature
Three days of winners and prizes featuring important international speakers, with 130 judges representing fully 35 countries: the best architecture in the world was on show in Amsterdam at the 2018 World Architecture Festival.
the stairs lead up to the top of the hill are made out of cement and concrete blocks
an aerial view of a house on the side of a hill with a swimming pool
an aerial view of a stone building surrounded by trees
a white house with wooden shingles and trees in the foreground, on a sunny day