Kyoto, Japan

Kimonos are handmade, and geisha usually get kimonos designed just for them. Kimono prints and fabrics change with the seasons, but they are always made of silk. Geisha also spend about two hours just doing their makeup, hair, and putting on the kimono!

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geisha-kai: “ April minarai Fukuna under cherry blossoms by Gaap on Photohito Minarai of Miyagawacho are allowed to wear full maiko attire after first week ”

舞妓 maiko 勝奈 katsuna 上七軒 KYOTO JAPAN

oiran-geisha: “Maiko Katsuna for scillsthrills ♥ (Source) ” …

若竹ぼかし 四季花集雅の宴 和装 打掛 kimono

~若竹ぼかし 四季花集雅の宴 和装 打掛 kimono~ traditional weddings dresses are so lovely and I can only dream to wear as many as possible. Tradition is best

Modern Uchikake

Wedding kimono - more peacock/deep turquoise and the blue as accent, deep red minimal accent, and orange very minimal accent

Expressive(祇園甲部・まめ藤さん) : 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog

Expressive(祇園甲部・まめ藤さん) : 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog