p-tail on top

p-tail on top. If I cut I will undoubtedly miss my lengthy locks - but if I don't I will be perpetually lusting after a short cut.


透明感と艶のオーガニックカラー ふんわり小顔カットミディアム - ヘアスタイル・髪型・ヘアカタログ [キレイスタイル]

When growing up you’d probably worn numerous hairstyle ideas and until now that you’re grown up you are still trying new hairdo.


doulet: “arorabergsdottir: “a very nice and tummy warming cup of tea ” omg look at you, you’re cute!

まりや&ヨンア&希子に学ぶ!モテ可愛いこなれボブの作り方 - Locari(ロカリ)


まりや&ヨンア&希子に学ぶ!モテ可愛いこなれボブの作り方 - Locari(ロカリ)