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three bottles of beer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wine glass
Chimay - Doreé 4,8%ABV🇧🇪
Opposed to elevated ABV of most of the Belgian beers, this Belgian Singel is an easy drinking everyday brew that the monks supposedly drink with food at monasteries, and reserve the higher ABV brews for holidays. Some sources indicate it’s a Trappist take on German Pils, with a Belgian yeast. Well, this is definitely not an overstatement. Also, the bitterness from hops is apparent. Very refreshing!🍺
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Season's Greetings!✨
Here's to having a better New Year! Cheers🍻
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Jackie O's with Jester King - Final Entropy 5.3%ABV🍑
Pours a hazy bright yellow with a white head of frothy bubbles. Citrus peel, peaches and apricots bouquet with barnyard and leather like notes. Clean tangy yogurt and light malt vinegar are followed by a wheat bread and bread flour flavors with a very light walnut shell like note. Body is light to medium very slick and puckering. Highly effervescent. Finish is lots of ripe peaches and apricots with light leathery and barnyard like notes. Fabulous.
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Kyoto Brewing - Mariko 6%ABV🦄
Pours an opaque light yellow with a thin white head. Bananas and cloves juxtaposed nicely with ripe mango skin, guava juice, red apples and pine needles. White pepper and clove reverb nicely with mango and are balanced by wheat flour and white bread. Body is medium. Carbonation is normal. Bitterness is high. Sweetness from malt is low to medium. Finish is very dry and full of white peppercorns and cloves with a very gentle note of coriander seeds. She’s a rainbow of flavors and aromas.
there is a bottle and a glass on the table
Tamamura Honten - Takashi Imperial Stout 2019 - 10%ABV🎅🏻
Pours an opaque dark brown with a light brown fluffy head. A bouquet of nuttiness, kola and cappuccino foam with strong floral notes. Nuttiness and cappuccino quickly passes to dark chocolate and bitter French roast espresso. Body is medium to full, quite tannic, and carbonation is low. Bitterness is assertive, almost acrid, coming from hops as well as the malt. Finish is full of a very bitter French roast espresso, warming and very dry. The bitterness lingers on the palate. Excellent!
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Brasserie St-Feuillien - Saison 2017 - 6.5%🎆
Brasserie St-Feuillien - Saison 2017 - 6.5%🎆 Summer is here and you are craving to quench your thirst with a Champagne-like effervecent and extremely dry saison. A light caramel like note and above averege clean bitterness makes this saison stand out if compared to Brasserie Dupont's Saison or Saison d'Erpe-Mere by Brouwerij De Glazen Toren.
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Cantillon - Grand Cru Bruocsella Lambic Bio (2017) 5%ABV🕶
Pours a light amber with no head. Aromas of yogurt like sourness, wet earth, barnyard, and light goaty notes. Plain tangy yogurt is quickly engulfed by a wave of a very astringent walnut shell like or wooden bark like vintage barrel flavor. Body is medium to full. Flat. Wooden barrel tannins, tart plain yogurt, peaches and apricot notes in the finish. Spectacular!
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2nd Shift Brewing - Art of Neurosis IPA 7.7%ABV🤯
Pours a lightly hazy amber with a tan head. Aromas of ripe papaya, mandarin pulp, mango, resin and pine needles. A rasiny and tree needle like wave of bitterness is overwhelming, tropical fruit follows with a velvety and round biscuit like flavor. Body is medium to full, slick and a bit astringent with hop resins. Bitterness is assertive. Carbonation is normal. The somewhat dry finish is saturated with grapefruit zest, mandarin pulp, and biscuit like maltiness. Quaffable. Good.
there is a bottle and a glass on the table
Gigantic Brewing - The Time Warp IPA 6.2%ABV🌴
Pours a lightly hazy amber with no head. Aromas of ripe mango, freshly cut melon, pine needles, citrus rind, and a light catty note. Mellowly sweet cookie and scone like malt gives quickly to a marijuana leaf, which, in turn, morphs into a clean and long grapefruit rind finish with watermelon and pine needle notes. Body is medium to full, smooth and lightly velvety with fizz. Carbonation is normal. Quite drinkable. Good.
there is a bottle and a glass on the table
Oude Geuze Boon à l'Ancienne - Vat 108 Mono Blend 8%ABV
Pours a clear amber with a thin white head. Aromas of sourness, wood and barnyard. Tangy plain yogurt tartness, foeder wood tannins are pleasantly astringent. Velvety and light to medium body. The finish is goaty, woody and astringent to the point of light bitterness. The wood character is almost overpowering the tartness. Highly effervescent, yet, there’s no carbonic bite. Fantastic gueuze!
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Tamamura Honten - Yama-Bushi 1 Saison One 6.5%ABV🌾
Pours a deep gold with a frothy white head. Aromas of citrus rind, cloves, white peppery spiciness, banana and red apple. Cloves, white pepper and white bread dough flavors revibrate wonderfully. Medium body and high carbonation. Finish is extremely dry and full of clovey and white peppery like spiciness. Tamamura Honten source localy grown Shinshu Hayaho hop varietal and Miyama Nishiki sake rice for this saison inspired ale.
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Brouwerij Alvinne - Cuvée de Mortagne Virgin Oak 12,8%ABV🤙🏻
Pours a light chestnut brown with a tan head. A light aroma of vinegary sourness with a fruity sweet and boozy raisin notes. A big and heavy dark dried fruit and sweet toasted bread like flavors dominate with vinegary sour and wood notes in the background. The oak and strong booziness create an illusion of whiskey. Body is very full and slick. Boozy finish with high alcohol aromas. Some light astringency from the oak. A very long and warming cognac like finish. A splendid winter warmer.🥃
a glass filled with beer next to a bottle
Brouwerij De Ranke - XX-Bitter 6%ABV
Pours a deep gold with a frothy white head. Aromas grass, apples, pears, bananas and white bread. Clean assertive floral bitterness with backed by cloves and fruity flavors. Body is medium. Carbonation is high. Finish is very dry and lightly warming. It’s full of clean lingering bitterness and clove like spiciness. The white bread like malts are hardly felt. Assertively bitter.
two glasses filled with beer sitting on top of a wooden table
Mikkeller Baghaven - Bière des Champs 6.5%ABV📸
Pours a hazy gold with a very fluffy white head. A refreshing lemon peel, cloves and white pepper like spicy bouquet. Cloves, white pepper, lemon peel and a medium body with a high effervesce and an exceptionally dry, crisp and clove like finish present a festive and sparkling ale. Body is medium and very fizzy. Zero bitterness. Light barnyard like notes in the aroma and in the finish. Thirst quenching and refreshing - quite good.
there is a bottle and two glasses on the table with beer in front of it
Mikkeller Baghaven - Demeter’s Apricot 6.3%ABV🍑
Pours a hazy straw with a frothy white head. A refreshing peaches and a sour plain yogurt bouquet with funky notes. Yogurt tartness and high effervescence make this a highly quaffable ale. Finish is full of peach yogurt! Although made with apricots, this ale is all about peaches. Dryness and some funk in the aftertaste too. Excellent!