Mount Hatsjoe...

Mount Fuji Tissue Holder A Mt. Fuji inspired tissue case by designer Tomohiro Ikegaya. The design is completed when a tissue is pulled.

What a brilliant idea this is!

Mark Brothers - Cable Labels Got your cables in a tangle‭?‬ The Mark brothers are a set of cable labels. These five little acrobatic figures will swing from your wires, helping you to identify to which device each cable belongs.

Oh, crop

Oh, crop. I must warn you, I will be saying this incessantly for the rest of the week. OH SO PUNNY.

mommo design - IKEA HACKS - IVAR chair vanity

Cute little kid station. I was just thinking about how to plan for kid size sinks in a home school and how expensive that would be.


Funny pictures about Life was much easier. Oh, and cool pics about Life was much easier. Also, Life was much easier.

Pancakes Venn Diagram

The Pancake Venn Diagram connects the key ingredients for the breakfast delight while also displaying what other delicious foods the same ingredients make: pasta, omelets and batter. The Pancake Venn Diagram is sure to help you out next time you're s

Animal Alphabet by Marcus Reed, via Behance

Animal alphabet Made by Marcus Reed, graphic designer from London, UK had the idea to make an illustrated animal alphabet for kids. As an ongoing illustration project involving animals forming the.


doiy has designed the fixie pizza cutter, a handheld slicer in the shape of a bicycle, with its two wheels functioning as the blades.

AFAS - Niet alleen transparant en snel, maar ook persoonlijk

AFAS - Niet alleen transparant en snel, maar ook persoonlijk