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12 Incredibly Cool Pencil Sharpeners!   Including a ring!

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Spiffed-Up Saturday Cotton Top in Fuschia

Batman Golf Club Cover

Holy in one Batman! Its a golf club cover! The dark knight can now join you on a sunny day at the golf course. This Batman golf club cover pattern


So true! And make that dark chocolate and maybe with some peanuts mixed in and you have a BFF.

Turn any surface into a canvas for your kid with chalkboard paint! Admittedly a little messy,but what fun thing isn't? ; )

Cute idea for kids dresser. Especially if you can find a great deal on a used dresser that can just be painted with chalkboard paint.

homemade fingerpaints

Love this homemade finger paint idea! Not only will the kids have fun painting with their fingers you can have them help make the paint as well! Twice the fun!