Yusuke Ishihara

Yusuke Ishihara

Yusuke Ishihara
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Australia's Surreal Red Wave - Jan 9 2013 - brewing thunderstorm moved reddish colored sand and dust over the Indian Ocean. Brett Martin

A red dust storm towers over the ocean ahead of a cyclone approaching Onslow on the Western Australian coast. Tugboat worker Brett Martin, who captured the picture 25 nautical miles from the town of Onslow.

Waterspout in Tampa, Florida, USA, on July 8, 2013

Waterspout In Tampa Bay taken by Photos de Jeremy Kappell WDRB .Waterspouts, for the unfamiliar, are basically water-tornados, often weaker than land tornados but still completely terrifying. As is the case with this waterspout, which hit Tampa Bay.

Aurora and Prince Phillip by abelle2, via Flickr

Aurora and Prince Phillip Last time I went Disney land they both didn't dress like that. She had a blue version of that dress and Phillip didn't have that pink on him