Chinese typographic poster design

I think it is a very smart poster that combined the "find" character and "horn" shape very clever. It is a poster which to find the mission person. | 空

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Number: Overlapping

Arrangement and thoughts behind this are really clever. Use of colour cross over works really well and is something i would really like to try in my own work. I have a logo designed that incorporates this idea.

レリーフジオラマ 世田谷文化生活情報センター 生活工房 キャロットタワー2F 八角堂

レリーフジオラマ 世田谷文化生活情報センター 生活工房 キャロットタワー2F 八角堂

Speaking of luxury brands,most people's first impression is the high price and elegant indifference. However,I am looking forward to give them another kind of feeling by using illustrations.When logos of luxury brands are made up by cute cartoon characte…

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586造字工房回看造字工房字形设计活动参与作品 #字体#

586造字工房回看造字工房字形设计活动参与作品 #字体#

sérigraphie_paris_fluorescent_reliure NS: it is growing increasingly rare to see type this skilled and novel.