I use all types of weapons but one of the best moments is when you are using a charger and you find this perfect snipe spot and you just get on a roll!

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*feels a strange sense*I'm being tracked *continues walking on the street while you aim your rifle on my head*

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「【ドット絵】Splatoon」/「もやししゃも」のイラスト [pixiv]

bike_shorts black_background copyright_name inkling lowres moyasiwhite nintendo orange_eyes orange_hair paint pixel_art pointy_ears pose solo splatoon super_soaker tentacle_hair

Splatoon(スプラトゥーン)さんはTwitterを使っています: "明日はクリスマス。 今年も調査員がクリスマスカード代わりに1枚のイラストを描いたので皆さんにお届けしたい。 それにしても、思い返せばこの1年間、イカのことばかり考えていたなぁ……。 https://t.co/YVz1Ro2m68"

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absurdres aqua hair beanie closed eyes dark skin domino mask fangs goggles goggles on head grey background hat headphones highres inkling jellyfish mask official art orange hair pointy ears ponytail sailor school uniform shoes simple background


+ + alternate hairstyle artist name black legwear dress earrings english from behind gloves highres hotaru (splatoon) jewelry looking at viewer looking back open-back dress pantyhose pointy ears polka dot polka dot dress seto (asils) short dress shor