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Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

by Giles Godwin-Brown - An wonderful wall decal to liven up the learning space Cool tip/ Great Idea/ Want this now/ Cool tool/ Kitchen and Bedroom Gadgets/ Cool Tech Idea

素材のコントラストで爽やか? 下側が透明なのがいい? セラミックとガラス、違う素材の組み合わせが美しい。

By fusing of porcelain and glass, Misa Tanaka has created some vessels called, Shizukana Sora (Quiet Sky), taking second place in this years Takaoka Crafts Competition in Japan. Shizukana Sora by Misa Tanaka, Second Prize at Takaoka Crafts Competition

Wall Decor Idea - Install A Paper Roll Holder To Create A Fun Place To Write Lists Or Let Kids Draw

Wall Decor Idea - Install A Paper Roll Holder To Create A Fun Place To Write Lists Or Sketch Ideas

Minimalist and functional, the Studio Roller, designed by lifestyle company George & Willy, is a fun way to hang butcher's paper.



Luna is fantastic lamp design inspired by the Moon. The lamp is available in a range of seven sizes from the XXS inch model to the XXL version. Taiwanese designers behind Luna are currently funding the project with an Indiegogo campaign.

Cork memo board with self adhesive backing to create shapes and patterns on your wall

This innovative cork memo board lets you create your own unique design. 3 meter self-adhesive cork strip allows you to turn any surface into a cork pin board.

Y002 <レザーレースハンガー>  木と革ひもをつないだだけのとてもシンプルな構成。 革ひもを通した小さな木のパーツを移動させる事で、使用していない時の姿もコンパクトに、美しく。 重力の働きによってシャツの襟などの微妙な角度にも寄り添い、衣服の形を美しく魅せます。  衣服や空間のテイストにあわせられるように、ライトなラミンと、ダークなマホガニーをラインナップしました。  【注意事項】 本革を使用しておりますので、濡れた、もしくは湿気を帯びた衣服をかけた場合や、湿気の多い場所で使用された場合、衣服に革の染料が移る場合がございます。 あらかじめご了承くださいませ。  サイズ:幅41cm、高さ28cm(ハンガー使用時) 生産国:日本 素材:木、革

I can't believe this clothes hanger! I would love to have a collapsible set like this.


The 15 Minutes Lamp is an innovative fusion of a sand-timer and mood lamp that comes handy at night. As the sand flows towards the light at the