.How to hang art above the sofa

Ideas for creating a wall gallery, how to hang art above the sofa. Family or living room design ideas

Layout for my gallery wall, I started with a large round clock.

Layout for my gallery wall, I started with a large round clock - perfect! My big clock is staying where it is and want to do a gallery wall around it!

Check out his chart to help with with your cake decision thatsmytopper.com

Types of Wedding Cakes

Cake Commitments - This infographic from Hitched sets out to offer a range of tips to help those couples looking to choose a wedding cake. It features cake shapes, cake types and fillings, cake decoration, and cake toppers.


DIY Personalized Candle - kids or grand-kids can make and give as a gift. Kids draw picture on wax paper then wrap it around a white candle and heat with hair dryer until it melts onto the candle. mother's day gift ideas, crafts for kids

Free Script Fonts for DIY Wedding Invitations

18 Free Script Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

A collection of free script fonts perfect for DIY wedding invitations. (Janda Stylish S.

14 Bright Summer Color Palettes by Angie Sandy #colorpalette #colorcrush / サマーカラー カラーパレット

CREAMSICLE Embrace color and go bold! These 14 Summer Color Combos will help get your makeup in ultimate relaxation mode.

Visual graphics of Parts of the Yakiyotori. 焼き鳥と一言でいっても、その部位は様々。焼き鳥の部位について、もっと詳しくなってしまう・・・!?そんなインフォグラフィックです。


Visual graphics of Parts of the Yakiyotori…


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Hanging art guide

5 Measuring Tips for Decorating

Splendid Actually: 5 Measuring Tips for Decorating - Hanging Art





飲みやすさと度数で分類! 定番カクテル早見表 | ZUNNY インフォグラフィック・ニュース

飲みやすさと度数で分類! 定番カクテル早見表 | ZUNNY インフォグラフィック・ニュース

Area Rug Placement - how to choose the correct size when purchasing a rug

Choosing a rug. "How To Series: Area Rug Placement - This all comes down to choosing the correct size when purchasing a rug. by Burplap Lace"

袋わけが人生を変えた!知らず知らずに月5万浮く!A4ファイル1冊でできるズボラ式家計管理術 | ESSE-online(エッセ オンライン)


袋わけが人生を変えた!知らず知らずに月5万浮く!A4ファイル1冊でできるズボラ式家計管理術 | ESSE-online(エッセ オンライン)

Christmas Wreath I always have small boxes lying around and feel too guilty to just through them away. This is the perfect project.

Gift Christmas Wreath ~ wreath of small gift box. Create a circular base of the wreath, and arranged around its surrounding small gift box.