love tatami floors, they smell good.

love tatami floors, they smell good. Love the little walkway around the edges of the house. // I love the idea of a little courtyard in the middle of the house

Japanese Temari Sushi

【ELLE gourmet】「日本」の「硯石プレート 絆」|エル・オンライン


Gentian entry, exposed rafters, ply ceiling Doughnut House by Naoi Architecture & Design Office

Shoji screens

rural japanese ritto house by ALTS design office

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept with various interpretations but those that resonate deeply are rustic elegance, quiet taste, refined beauty and the belief that objects gain value through use and age. Wabi-Sabi is authentic, unpretentious and connected to nature. Its values were influential when we established Wabi-Sabi Japan and continue to inspire us today.

Zen and serenity. Feel your worries wash down that with some tea. Tea and Meditation Room. Ruriko-in Temple.

Genkan with storage and adjacent bench. Functionally works well. Would be great to have this on both sides of the entryway. Also like the feel of the pebbles indoors. #japan #interior #hotel #art #globalinfluence #luxurylifestyle #absolutetravel

What a lovely genkan! I like that there's a bench, too. Plus the rocks double as a nice aesthetic as well as practical spot for boots.