Atashinchi no Danshi (Japanese Drama). One i really truly enjoyed!! I laughed and cried :D wonderful drama :)

Atashinchi no Danshi (Japanese Drama). One i really truly enjoyed! I laughed and cried :D wonderful drama :)

Zettai Kareshi

Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) - Japanese Drama Based on a funny manga! Hayami Mokomichi played a wonderful Nigh Tenjo, a robot boyfriend.

オッさんのTumblr. — carudamon119: 【実況】新ドラマ「逃げるは恥だが役に立つ 」の新垣結衣が可愛すぎる

オッさんのTumblr. — carudamon119: 【実況】新ドラマ「逃げるは恥だが役に立つ 」の新垣結衣が可愛すぎる

Tokyo Dogs (Japanese Drama).

This is currently streaming on Hulu as of yesterday Tokyo Dogs (Japanese Drama).

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

J: Mei-chan_no_Shitsuji_: a school that caters to rich girls with Butlers (slaves) who do everything from turning a page in a book to fighting their battles for them. *another fav of mine*


Ryusei no Kizuna ~ Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo, Toda Erika

Japanese Drama "Hungry!" Going to miss this drama and its ability to make me hungry.

--- Genre: Food, Romance, Life --- My Rating: --- there's a lotta deliciously-looking food out there, so don't watch it when you're feeling hungry. instead watch it while eating. and also, a little bit of business & management lessons out there.

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Hana Yori Dango the japanese drama version of Based on the popular Japanese manga.S I haven't watch this yet, but heard this is good as the other versions too, if you like Japanese drama.