Scott Mattlin 1955 | Impressionist American painter

Can hardly WAIT to take oil painting classes from this amazing artist! "Quiet Prelude" by Scott Mattlin Oil Hire this artist to paint a wedding portrait


amy friend - pin pricked photos Oh my! Fairy dust, fireflies, and maybe just a little bit of magic. There is something almost celestial about this lovely found image series, titled Daré alla Lucé by Canadian artist/photographer Amy Friend.

lisa madigan (The Jealous Curator)

Oooh, lovely oil paintings on wood by Australian artist Lisa Madigan … so much rich/thick paint, gorgeous color palettes, and some of the best titles I’ve heard in a long time: “Kiss Kiss”, “Waterme

In Transit: NYC is the first in a series of laser-cut, edge-lit abstractions of iconic subway maps.

"In Transit: NYC" is an animated light sculpture featuring a series of laser-cut, edge-lit panels depicting the NYC Subway map.

@.*・。゚Botanica .*・。゚

Food designer Anna Keville Joyce, about we wrote several articles, imagined stagings where she turns food into energy sources. In this way, lemons are light bul

Models Recreating Gustav Klimt Golden Paintings – Fubiz Media

Models Recreating Gustav Klimt Golden Paintings