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Logos ideas / O'Neill T-Shirt Graphics by Ray Dombroski. O'Neill is known as the Original American Surfing Company. It began as a wetsuit company and surf shop, founded by Jack O'Neill in It continues to be one of the most sought-after surf brands today.

夢但馬2014のロゴ:レトロ感の表現 | ロゴストック


Cities of China  via http://www.behance.net/gallery/Cities-of-China/10820017

I wish the Communist never simplified the Chinese characters. So many of the contemporary designs would benefit from the esthetics inherited by the thousand-year-old characters.

ロゴデザイン・制作に役立つ、かっこいいロゴマークを集めたロゴポータルサイト | ロゴストック

ロゴデザイン・制作に役立つ、かっこいいロゴマークを集めたロゴポータルサイト | ロゴストック

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