Pixie cut

July 2015 - Color: very blonde, either cool or warm; Cut: short on side(s) and back, longer up top for versatility in styling // Cut & color - warm blonde // Short Blonde Pixie Hairstyles Beauty //

比留川游ちゃんのボブスタイル。大きめでルーズなお洒落ボブが美容室でも注文殺到らしいですよ♪ ボブスタイルの方必見です!比留川游ちゃんのヘアアレンジがお洒落すぎるんです◎


崩す?ほぐす?残念ヘアがぐっと垢抜けるこなれヘアのポイント - Locari(ロカリ)


崩す?ほぐす?残念ヘアがぐっと垢抜けるこなれヘアのポイント - Locari(ロカリ)

Short Edgy Haircuts

Pixie Cuts For Round Faces appeal to you there are many stylings that can work depending on your hair type. For soft hair a style with short layers can make the hair look glossy.