Black dress, printed pumps, up-do - perfect fall work outfit-- and if I could have the body in it that would be ok I guess haha

Love the dress and shoes! Classic and understated, but sexy Plus I have those shoes! :) now I just need a classic black dress

gorgeous whites

All White--Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Tulips, Hyacinth White Weddings. Just white at Weddings. White wedding ideas and inspirations.

Japanese foods prepared for New Year's -osechi-

日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento おせち料理/Osechi: Japanese foods prepared for New Year's. Favorites include datemaki (egg and fish cakes), kombumaki, ikura (salmon eggs) in yuzu container, kazunoko, grilled buri (yellowtail) and kuromame (black beans.

Osechi, Japanese New Year's Special Cuisine

Flavors of Japan - - A beautiful meal to ring in the New Year with. Osechi, Japanese New Year's Cuisine|おせち料理

ジャッキーとデイビッドのアイシングクッキー!可愛い〜!! 【レシピブログ】


ジャッキーとデイビッドのアイシングクッキー!可愛い〜!! 【レシピブログ】

Poodle glamour shot

This little red-head is a 1 year old Teacup Poodle and she’s only tall. What do you say?

white flowers

Sweet Art Cakes by Milbreé Moments: Pure Love Mother's Day cake