glasses logo

This is example for typography design. I like that design since it is so creative typeface using the glass shape for "g" even though the design is really simple. I've got inspiration when I do assignments for typography design class.


I really like the unique shape of the logo. and the use of color and lines on their papers

i love this logo.

I like the text woven into the symbol. For esthetics the symbol could be a masque fan brush.

#design #identity #branding

I've always thought it was impossible to brand a dentist because teeth are inherently ugly! Oh how wrong I was, this is pretty great.


Photography Logo

Supposed to be a logo, yet the only thing I though of was: oxygen has a charge, not a chem has ruined my life! Wilsson Wilsson Shaheen <- Me too

Dynamic and interesting #logo identity for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which works beautifully with imagery and scope for #animation #Design

Alex ~ stylish olympian {classic noble sport there ~ favorite samurai sport} ~ they're not famous

Lulu Cake Boutique — Peck & Company

Lulu Cake Boutique — Peck & Company Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

『MAKUNOUCHI  おいしい1LDK+garden』2012 ポスター

Wasn& for sure about the translation of this site, but think this might be the correct credit: Design: Moe Furuya (FURUYA Moe), Mio Tsuchiya (TSUCHIYA Mio)

H Hotels Logo

H Hotels Logo

H Hotels Logo ! Iv been wanting to make my newest design in this overlapping colours style :)

千葉市原のカフェダイニングのロゴデザイン - アルニコデザイン

千葉市原のカフェダイニングのロゴデザイン - アルニコデザイン