easy. and cute.

Hair, DIY classroom is like a three roses ~ ~ bring hair decorated with the taste of the French Palace of Versailles, the century Rococo

難しいことをする必要なし。ゴム2本とピン1本でつくる大人ポニーテール講座 | by.S


難しいことをする必要なし。ゴム2本とピン1本でつくる大人ポニーテール講座 | by.S



Japanese hair comb with lovely flowers (4)

Japanese comb decorated with impressive flower motifs. Mother-of-pearl and coral are inlaid or stuck in relief for a better effect.

Couronne de mariage chinoise

Chinese wedding tiara Wedding tiara adorned with a multitude of happiness and longevity signs mounted on tremblant. The lower element is of silver, and features two embossed dragons; from the upper part emerge the eight immortals and three phoenixes.