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Love this look, blue velvet skirt and grey, chunky cable sweater with a turtle neck lace blouse, red boxy bag and a high waisted velvet midi skirt in cobalt, paired with white lace shoes.

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【ELLE】ブラック&リブで織りなす冬のニットスタイル|【サントノレ編】エリア別でキャッチ! おしゃれパリジェンヌ最新スナップ33|エル・オンライン

【サントノレ編】エリア別でキャッチ! おしゃれパリジェンヌ最新スナップ33

McKenna Hellam

" Cameron pointed curiously at the photo hoping for a response. Ya know just because i told you to get comfortable doesn't mean you can go through my things.

ジョン ローレンス サリバン(JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN) 2016-17年秋冬 コレクション Gallery3

ジョン ローレンス サリバン(JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN)2016-17年秋冬 コレクション Gallery3

fonziedidit: “ Vogue Brazil December 2015 ”

Isabella Ridolfi, Lorena Maraschi, Sabrina Cristina Geib & Ari Westphal by Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil December 2015 Más

Duchess Dior: Mia Wasikowska by Carlos Serrao for Flaunt Magazine 2015

‘Crimson Peak’ actress Mia Wasikowska graces the latest cover of Flaunt Magazine, showing off a a look from Givenchy’s fall 2015 collection complete with face jewelry. Photographed by Carlos Serrao and styled by Ryan Hastings, the blonde beauty shows off

New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

New York Fashion Week Fall 2018