White Chocolate Cranberry Cake

white chocolate cranberry cake delicious and not overly sweet, your cake will not be that pink unless you use food dye. I used a cup of cranberry puree and it still turned white. Frosting is to die for.

Green tea cake


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Marko Milanovic via olocomesolodejas.com

♡ Art Direction : egg on toast

Artist Hiraku Cho paints the outside of various foods to disguise them as a different food.  Very cool.

Artist Paints Hyperrealistic Exteriors to Camouflage Food

Optical illusion: Hiraku Cho paints the outside of fruits & veggies to disguise them as a different piece of produce.

Strawberry Ice Cream Paint

One of my very favorite colors.and my absolute favorite ice cream too- mint chocolate chip. Love this picture, such an interesting photo!

フルーツサンド・ペーパーバッグ 一見ただの白い紙袋ですが、横から見ると美味しそうなフルーツの断面が。いろいろと中身が気になる一品です。 Fruit sandwich paper bag At first glance it’s just a white paper bag, but if you look at it from the side you can see a...


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art direction | food styling still life photography

International still life and advertisning photographer Niklas Alm working with clients such as Adidas, Amnesty International, Bosch, Electrolux, Toyota and SAS.

コーヒーを極めたい!美味しく飲むのに大事なポイントまとめてみた | WEBOO[ウィーブー] おしゃれな大人のライフスタイルマガジン

コーヒーを極めたい!美味しく飲むのに大事なポイントまとめてみた | WEBOO[ウィーブー] おしゃれな大人のライフスタイルマガジン

日本の和食を支えた立役者!全国の保存食をまとめたインフォグラフィック | みんなのごはん


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「三毛猫ちゃんクッキー☆」hitomi | お菓子・パンのレシピや作り方【cotta*コッタ】


「三毛猫ちゃんクッキー☆」hitomi | お菓子・パンのレシピや作り方【cotta*コッタ】

ビールをおいしく 決め手は温度と注ぎ方

ビールをおいしく 決め手は温度と注ぎ方

Balsam & Grapefruit Crisp grapefruit is blended with the fresh scent of evergreen. Balanced and tranquil. Hand poured coconut wax...

Boat Haus Candle

Mood board for Haus Candles designed and shot by Lawton Miles photographer Sully Sullivan