Midori Yamada

♞ Artful Animals ♞ bird, dog, cat, fish, bunny and animal paintings - Midori Yamada「花をはこぶ」

Old Matchbox Label Japan Japanese cat

La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Old Matchbox Label Japan Japanese cat Tea room white cat ueno Tokyo

, Medieval Woman Cooking

from The Tacuinum Century --- ":Roasted meat prepared over an open fire as a cat and her kitten watch hungrily. It is good for old people and in the winter as it sharpens the blood. It causes thirst, but this can be quenched with dry wine.

"Alleen vallende katjes komen op hun pootjes terecht" - Frans Mettes, Nederland, 1974

alleen vallende katten komen op hun pootjes terecht - only falling cats land on their feet

Billy Brand matches [India]

More outsider art than matchbox, Billy Brand matches from the excellently named Standard Match Co. Love that fur ball.

歌川国貞『偐紫田舎源氏 柏木』

Utagawa Kunisada II No. Kashiwagi from the series Lady Murasaki’s Genji Cards, Color woodblock print; 22 ½ x 16 inches. Courtesy Hiraki Ukiyo-e Foundation.

藤田嗣治 白い猫

Tsuguharu FoujitaChat BlancheDimensions: X in X cm)Medium: Color woodcutCreation Date: Number: from an edition of 100