Lotus Flower

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Lotus blossoms differ from a lily by their height off the water. Whereas lilies can rest on the water or just above, lotus can rise several feet above. As a lotus is able to emerge from muddy waters, un-spoilt and pure, it's considered to represent a w

Free Lavender Botanical Print - make your own roll down botanical chart

Free Lavender Botanical Print

OSIRIS  God of the Underworld.  Os quatro filhos de Hórus sobre um lótus azul, diante de Osíris

Ancient Egypt: OSIRIS, God of the Underworld, Crop Fertility, Renewal, & Resurrection.

5 healing effects of lavender

5 Healing Effects of Lavender

5 Healing Effects of Lavender. From fighting dandruff to calming itchy skin, lavender is an all time favorite flower!


A deusa da fortuna, fonte de toda a fartura, beleza e saúde neste universo. Ela é a esposa de Vishnu

dustjacketattic:  by marilyn frances

dustjacketattic: by marilyn frances, I won/t have this much lavender when I harvest mine, but it will be a lot and I will have a few ideas of what to do with it. I love my lavender !

Dried Lavender

The only thing missing from this recipe is a fire place to snuggle up to. Check out how to make the delicious lavender hot chocolate here. Photos: à la mode

Litsea Cubeba Oil, Some Uses. Here's some info for you on a lesser known oil. Check it out! :)

Litsea oil (Litsea cubeba) is known as “May Chang” in China, which is an Anglicized spelling of the .

蓮、ロータス Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus)   Buchoz, Histoire universelle du règne végétal (1775-1778)

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