AYA hataya

AYA hataya

soap maker in Japan. 日本の手作り石けん職人
AYA hataya
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Kiwi soap.

I made this soap with fresh-pressed kiwi juice and seeds. Can't wait till this one is off of the curing rack!

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Honey Soap by Bathhouse Soapery Handmade Soap, Bath and Body

Local honey is moisturizing, nourishing; and gently antiseptic for cleansing sensitive skin types.

冬の石鹸たちが続々と解禁日を迎えてます^^ こちらはピンクマリー。  フレンチピンククレイで色付けして、カレンデュラ(マリーゴールド)...

冬の石鹸たちが続々と解禁日を迎えてます^^ こちらはピンクマリー。 フレンチピンククレイで色付けして、カレンデュラ(マリーゴールド)...

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Making Soleseife, brine used instead of water creating a hard pure white bar.

Soleseife German Brine Soap made by Sudsy Mommas

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Cherry Blossom Soap, by magi__do

Cherry Blossom Soap, by magi__do


From the collective who run the Japanese restaurant Toraneko Bonbon