Japanese kimono 着物

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Japanese wedding traditional style...shiromuku..

"Japanese Bride - Shinto wedding ceremonies" Japanese Traditional Wedding Style: Shiromuku for Brides By Yoshie Fuami I’ll write about Japanese.

Wedding 和装

Want to find a way to incorporate japanese traditional kimono into an alice inspired wedding

Hanging decorations. Could be used for ceremony space, behind the main table where the wedded couple eat or as a photobooth backdrop

The traditional Japanese wedding dress would look mesmerizing at the wedding ceremony.

Japanese hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi

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『ダリで乙女な卒業式。 卒業式撮影.卒業式ヘアメイク.お着物.袴レンタル』

A real Maiko Girl look by Kinuyo Takasima.

Kimono Hime Volume 11 - Yep the magazine/mook is back after a very long hiatus!

Pink stripes/old fashioned

Back view of a gorgeous Japanese wedding dress from Hanayome Salon (based in Gunma) made from a recycled kimono - Found via Rinkya

Love the red lining though.



店主、京都へいく オリジナル打掛編① |髪結いがはじめた着物屋 「縁-enishi-」のブログ|Ameba (アメーバ)

『店主、京都へいく オリジナル打掛編①』

店主、京都へいく オリジナル打掛編① |髪結いがはじめた着物屋 「縁-enishi-」のブログ|Ameba (アメーバ)




Japanese style wedding

I love the flower bouquet as well.

japanese wedding table

japanese wedding table

白無垢の洋風アレンジの画像 | 髪結いがはじめた着物屋 「縁-enishi-」のブログ

Super Romantic Pale Pink Uchikake with Crane Motif and Lace Inner Collar

Modern kimono inspired wedding dress by Aliansa Japanese designer

NOT INTO IT but interesting -- Modern kimono inspired wedding dress by Aliansa Japanese designer

Japanese style bouquet

『和風ブーケ マム』

Japanese style bouquet, looks suspiciously like a pomander.