Approach to Daitoku-ji temple, Koto-in, Kyoto, Japan

Approach to Daitoku-ji temple, Koto-in, Kyoto, Japan - full of peace and life




More than just a toilet stall. for each kid w/ wood door and frosted glass window もっと見る

木とガラスで水を表現した家具 - poco blog

Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen wood table rivers lakes furniture. Beautiful reclaimed wood table with blue glass-organic and modern at the same time❤


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東京という森に浮かぶひとつの船陰影と質感にこだわってつくり上げた“静かな家” | 100%LiFE


東京という森に浮かぶひとつの船陰影と質感にこだわってつくり上げた“静かな家” | 100%LiFE

L2O Restaurant / Dirk Denison Architects

L2O Restaurant / Dirk Denison Architects

Restaurant, by Dirk Denison Architects, is a refurbishment design of a classic French fine dining restaurant to a contemporary seafood eatery in.

Coffee shop

Barbaresco Ristorante (Logo, Collateral, Interior Design, Opening Event) - Global Point NYC Portfolio for Creative and Web Design Services