冬の和菓子 winter wagashi

Wagashi are delicately small sweets used only in Chanoyù, the Tea Ceremony, a very old traditional Japanese Art deriving from Buddists Monks ceremony.

「菊廼舎(きくのや)」の「冨貴寄 夏色缶」

【ELLE gourmet】「菊廼舎(きくのや)」の「冨貴寄 夏色缶」|エル・オンライン


あなたがまだ知らない和菓子のおもてなし。Part1【創作和菓子 手毬】

Japanese traditional candies

pinner says these are Japanese traditional candies, but I remember them as candy in a box that I got each year from the Goodyear Christmas party for kids! (along with ribbon candy)

Japanese Sweets, wagashi

新刊・季節の果物でジャムを炊く・福田里香 on


和菓子 - Japanese sweets - wagashi - SO pretty from the japanese Wagashi Association - I want these!