Happy Valentines day! Photo Tutorial: Bunny Valentine's Day Kyaraben Bento Lunch|キャラ弁asamiのお弁当。簡単かわいいキャラ弁の作り方

Another super cute Valentine’s day bento. Although the tutorial is in Japanese the pictures alone should be sufficient to help you make this bento. Note: the pink colour is achieved by using Sakura.

chick soup cute :)

Kids Meal Idea: Chick Charactered Rice Ball in Curry Vegetable Soup ♥ Bento

Sushi Honeybee Kyaraben Bento by naohaha

Sushi Honeybee Kyaraben Bento by naohaha - This made my heart skip a beat

Japan's Himamatsuri Dolls Kyaraben Bento Lunch by Mai Mai


Kawaii Rilakkuma Bear Girl Kyaraben Bento Lunch :)

Cute little girl dressed as Korilakkuma onigiri bento (using rice, nori, and ham)

i wish i could make these or at least eat one... hehe! :)

Farewell letter from

Giraffe Kyaraben

Little Miss Bento シャリーのかわいいキャラベン: キリンのキャラ弁 Giraffe Character Bento