What i like most about these spread designs are the lack of tons of words. The photo is the main focus of the spread.

Food infographic Gourmet with soft colors. Combination of … Infographic Description Gourmet with soft colors. Combination of cut paper and props.

oh soooo crucial. great inspiration for a leaflet explaining bean to bar.

Baking leaflet - love the simplicity of the grid structure and muted neutral colour palette x brochure


ganori not necessarily menu design, but an interesting layout for such nonetheless.

Masala Chai Spiced Tea | Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Sensory Box Chai Spiced Tea is mostly used in India for older adults because it is very useful for health and also prevent many diseases like common cold.It has very good fragrance and stimulate the sense of smell.

I like the way that the photos interact with the type. There is feelings of organization and cleanness that comes when reading this spread.

Typeset on columns using the floor I love this idea for my magazine Better Homes and Gardens. Instead of being static, I want the magazine to have more realistic elements to it. Food- Frankie I want to do text wrapping

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