Cutlery by Till Kobes

This clever cutlery collection goes to show that flatware doesn't always have to mirror the same mundane shape. This contemporary interpretation is not only

Roomsafari Triangle Hanger  — Ode to Things

Triangle Hanger

58°Salt & Pepper Shakers by Norman Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen 58 Degree N Salt And Pepper Set. Added to iList Apps Wedding Registry ✔

Minimalux | Brass Bowl

Solid brass dish from Minimalux. / Would be a cute nesting spot for everyday earrings and rings.

Rachel Boxnboim

Israeli designer Rachel Boxnboim has cast a ceramic tea service inside fabric moulds. Called Alice, the pieces retain the texture and seams of the fabric from which they were formed.

Hinoki Bath Stool - by Sawara in Kiso

Hinoki Wood Stools: "These are Japanese bath stools made of a water resistant Cedarwood. The tops are angled toward the center so the water runs off faster to ensure the stools dry quicker. Clever those Japanese ;