Atsushi Yasuoka

Atsushi Yasuoka

Atsushi Yasuoka
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Spiny Fallow Dragon  by ~creaturesfromel at deviantART

Dragon - Somewhat Steampunk Style Sculpture made of clay and handpainted. Unique and beautiful! by Ellen Jewett, Guelph, Canada - creaturesfromel @ Etsy

Smithsonite crystal in geode

Here we have a beautiful backlit Smithsonite crystal in the vug of a Chalcedony opened end geode, Namibia, 6 cm.


malformalady: “ Rainbow-fluorite showing lavender, blue, green and yellow zones. Fluorite (also called fluorspar) is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, is a very popular mineral, both in.


Bismuth is a metal you can melt on your stove top, as it dries it forms these beautiful crystals. My father bought me some of the raw metal for Christmas several years back. Perfect for the science oriented home experimenter!