Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful Cherry Trees in Kyoto, Japan! Natural beauty ♥ want to explore japan some day


**Monk descending the temple stairs. Hand-tinted Glass Lantern Slide attributed to Kozaburo Tamamura of Yokohama

Kyoto, Japan

Heianjingu-Shrine, Kyoto, Japan – one of my favorite places in the world and it's especially beautiful during cherry blossom season.

Winter in Kyoto ~ Japan

Kinkaku Ji, Kyoto, Japan in winter. The golden pavilion and gardens are beautiful in all seasons but snow on the ground like this is rare in Kyoto.

Heian-jingu, Kyoto, Japan

Heian-jingu, Kyoto, Japan Heian Jingu Shrine has a beautiful garden in the back. The entrance to the garden is left side to the main Shrine.

Garden of Komyozen-ji temple, Fukuoka, Japan 光明禅寺

Garden of Komyozen-ji temple, Fukuoka, Japan 光明禅寺 ~ all curved, flowing lines (nothing straight) .