Deus Customs in Japan have just built the world's most insane Honda Super Cub.

Deus Japan Hot Rods the Honda Super Cub

The Super Cub is the most popular motor vehicle in the world, with over 85 million sold.

RadJalopy: EASY TRAP (seriously modded Honda Super Cub)

the last thing my boss said to me before his motorcycle crash was "every day i ride is a good day" i still want this

Honda C70 by MCM - Looks like a LEGO motorcycle

Wicked by Minority Custom Motorcycle from Surabaya, Indonesia. Their goal was to build a simple and clean bike with an intimida.

Custom honda trail bike

Tổng hợp những chiếc xế độ độc đáo tại Deus Bike Build Off 2015

Prissilia Choppy

Cool low & fast chopper Cub by Bapet Demon, El Capitane of Street Demon Tangerang (Indonesia). The Astrea Grande from receive.

Rocketumblr | Deus Japan Honda Super Cub Racer

Deus Ex Machina's new Japan branch turned a 1961 Honda Super Cub – the Beetle of motorcycles – into a race-ready machine. Aside from increasing the engine'.