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There's another, inaccurate one, going around on here and I wanted to share the truth. To a neo-pagan the inverse of a pentacle is a a pentagram is not a satanic symbol. Wicca Witchcraft, Magick, Wiccan Witch, Pentacle, Pagan Beliefs, Spiritual Religion, Gypsy Moon, 5 Elements, Baphomet

Always research, never assume. Don't let your church stop you from thinking for yourself.

The Bible Is A Satanic Book.Satanists infiltrated The Catholic Church And Set Up The Bible.The Bible Is Not A Catholic Book.The Bible Was Written By Satanists To Destroy The Catholic Faith.And To Send Catholics And People To Hell. Athiest, Religious People, World Religions, Bible Truth, Lord, Roman Catholic, Catholic Bible, Christianity, Faith

There are three errors in this meme. I will explain them in the comment section for anyone interested.