15 Pins
the front page of an article about christmas decorations
Newsletter December, 2023
an image of a horse in the grass with text below it that reads, new zealand may 2013
Newsletter May 2023
an image of flowers in the grass with text on it that reads, artisfactor
Newsletter February 2022
the front cover of an article with buildings and water
Newsletter February 2022 Vol,2
the website page for an art gallery
Newsletter April 2022
a page with an image of a dog on the beach and text that reads, alert reporter january 2012 special issue
Newsletter January 2022 Special Issue
the front page of an article on news about birds in the wild, including a small bird
Newsletter April 2022 Vol,2
an image of a website page with the words holiday is almost here
Holiday is almost here!
an image of a computer screen with the words about printing on it and a clipboard next to it
About printing
an image of a web page with different types of text and pictures on the screen
Newsletter march 2021
the website for an art gallery
Illustration EXHIBITION H A P P Y T I M E S S T A R T H E R E
Art Exhibition, Mini Art, Mini, Subway
mini art exhibition vol.1
an email page with clothes on it and the words newster subbers welcome
Newsletter subscribers welcome!
the website design is designed to look like it has many different colors
My Ancestor's Work "From Hanshi to Sericulture Business"
the front cover of an exhibition brochure, with text in black and white
Linedrawing Exhibition